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Your pooch - and your cat - needs collagen too – just like you! We are excited to tell you that we are now stocking Sally Ann Creed’s newly developed wonderful collagen supplement which she formulated for her own dogs. This brand-new Collagen is the same excellent quality of ‘human’ collagen you are used to, but with a few extras added for your pooch and for your kitties. To the high percentage collagen is added gelatine (another form of collagen for their tendons and ligaments), the best quality probiotics to keep their gut healthy, with prebiotics and some MSM for their joints. All you do is mix the powder directly into their food.

Here’s what the various nutrients will do for your precious pet —

• Collagen – strengthens ligaments, tendons, bones, arteries and improves their coat • Gelatine – another form of collagen which will be highly beneficial to your pet • Probiotics – several strains of ‘good bugs’ for the dog’s intestine to keep him in optimal health • Prebiotics – to encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria • MSM – a powerful anti-inflammatory, joint protector and overall immune booster

“Collagen heals the digestive system and detoxifies the liver in animals just as it does in humans. I hope you get the great success I do from this mixture for my own dogs. Even with the MSM the taste isn’t bad at all. My dogs just get it stirred into their food – they love it! This is costly to put together but because dogs are one of my passions, instead of making it out of reach like so many doggy products that are really good, I am not making a profit on this product, it is my ‘labour of love’ if you like. Putting back into animals’ well being!” – Sally Ann Creed.


Did you know that collagen is the major structural protein found in your pet’s body? It determines the strength and elasticity of their hair, bones, nails, and teeth. As animals age, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes making them more susceptible to injuries, painful conditions of the bones and joints, and poor skin and coat health. The sooner you start supplementing your pet’s diet with collagen peptides, the better as it helps prevent problems attributed to ageing, and contains other vital substances that help support good health in your pet. Collagen and gelatine can significantly improve your dog’s health because they are both easy to digest and absorb. Canine Collagen Restore promotes mobility in your dog (and kitty), and you will notice his coat will start to shine. It will also help to promote a healthy appetite in an older pet, because collagen peptides heal the digestive system and detoxify the liver thanks to the high glycine content. Canine Collagen Restore also makes digesting food easier in older dogs who no longer chew as well as they did when they were young. Just mix it into his food and enjoy knowing you are helping him to live pain free to a ripe old age.

5 Reasons to give your pet Canine Collagen Restore:

  1. Stabilizes Joints & prevents Injuries: Collagen makes up to 90% of a pet’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so the integrity of their joints is dependent upon its presence. As muscles and connective tissues loosen and become more brittle, dogs become susceptible to injuries like torn cruciate ligaments, patellar subluxations, and elbow and hip dysplasia. Adding collagen to your pet’s diet will improve his/her joint health, helping to prevent these injuries.
  2. Improves Age-Related Joint Pain: age-related joint and soft tissue pain is something that most pets will experience to some extent as they reach their senior years. Collagen loss in the joints that occurs during ageing plays a major role in arthritis, degenerative disc disease and tendonitis, three of the most common causes of pain in senior animals.
  3. Aids Digestion: by breaking down proteins and soothing the lining of the gut. It “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract by helping to form connective tissue. Glycine present in collagen has been shown to have soothing properties that help promote an overall healthier, less agitated digestive system for your pet.
  4. Promotes Hair Growth, Strong Nails & a Healthy Coat: animals aren’t concerned about crow’s feet or full, pouty lips, but collagen is important when it comes to their appearance. 70% of the protein in your pet’s skin is collagen. It is responsible for providing a healthy, moisturized dermis; soft, shiny coat; and strong, powerful nails that do not split or crumble as they grow, causing pain and discomfort.
  5. Inspires a Healthy Appetite: older pets don’t really want to eat as much as younger pets, and by healing the gut with collagen, they will enjoy their food again. It will also nourish an animal which doesn’t want to eat as much. Gelatine and Collagen are similar, but different, and your pet can benefit from both. They have different applications as they are processed differently from the source, and the processing method is what gives each of these their unique benefits and allows them to be therapeutic in different ways although they have identical amino acid profiles. Gelatine and collagen have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, they contain the amino acids proline and glucosamine, as well as proteins called glycosaminoglycans. All of these nutrients support joint health by promoting the growth of new cartilage and cushioning the joints. As the most abundant protein found in skin, in the same way collagen helps preserve skin elasticity to keep it supple and youthful in people, this applies to dogs too.

Dosage per meal (assuming 2 meals a day) • For giant dog breeds – 1 scoop • For large dogs 35-40kg – 1 scoop • For medium dogs 23-35kg – ½ scoop • For small dogs 12-23kg – 1 teaspoon • For tiny dogs and cats 5-12kg – ½ teaspoon.

Horses: also brilliant results ! work out dosage by weight. You’ll need around 6 weeks to see a difference, but some pets within a week show a remarkable difference.

Ingredients Collagen, Gelatine, MSM, Probiotics, Prebiotic – all 100% pure, best quality human-grade ingredients.