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Collagen is pure, 100% protein, but does not have the dairy component that many powders have – If you want something you won’t react to, something pure, this may be your go-to new product. It’s tasteless, a powder and easily taken in drinks, sprinkled on food or whipped into smoothies.

Some encouraging testimonials from the past few weeks since the product arrived in SA

Jenna: “So amazing for skin, hair and digestive health. I’ve noticed a huge difference in each.” “I have been using collagen for a month now and I can definitely see the results. I put it in my coffee every morning! Fab!” Toni: I absolutely love your collagen! My skin looks smoother and my energy has sky rocketed!” Shane: “I love this product so much. It’s seriously a game changer”. “Love your brand of collagen! I started putting a scoop in my cup of coffee every morning and after a few weeks, my skin is almost flawless! Will be making this a regular purchase.” Kanda: “My recovery period and stamina after gym working out has gone to a completely new level on this collagen.” “I started taking 2 teaspoons morning and night and my hip pain is gone! Such a huge relief to not have that pain anymore! My tummy is regular too now. So, I can’t wait to get my next batch and start giving it to my elderly dog for his hip pain as well. It’s marvellous!” - HM “I have just started using collagen (I feel like my quality of sleep is so much better already.” - CH “Just loving your collagen. I have introduced it to all my gym buds and when a very good looking guy came in, we found out he was 50 but looked like he was 35, we all started calling him Collagen.” - KC “Almost through my second collagen course. Can’t see my life without it.” - YV “This collagen – wow. Best thing that ever happened to me. I never even think about my sore knees anymore and walk for miles – no pain. Back at gym and coping well. Sleeping well and feeling full of beans.” - OM “Almost through my second collagen course. Can’t see my life without it. Thank you.” “My husband and I have been taking this for 2 weeks and we both sleep like logs.” - WP “I have found that I have been sleeping like a log.” - TC “I’m an athlete and have noticed a better recovery this week while taking the collagen.” - TE “Woo hoo – cellulite GONE!” - EF “My husband and I are both reaping multiple benefits from knee pain, neck pain and gut problems. Oh, and my wrinkles have smoothed out.” - MM More astounding Collagen testimonials…

From Sally-Ann Creed

This was never meant to be such a “collagen page”, but I am so blown away by your posts, emails and messages, I feel I have to share them from time to time. Many of you are using my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen (grass-fed, 100% pure, nothing added, no nasties!) which I brought into the country because I couldn’t find a single collagen product in this country I wanted to use nor trusted. So I had to buy from overseas at exorbitant prices. It seemed the right thing to do then, when I found this beautiful collagen, to bring it in for myself and share it with you at a really good price

If you have followed my posts, you will have seen the massively impressive variety of health benefits. I’m still stunned as a nutritionist, by what I’ve personally discovered, and what others are finding. There are dozens of reports coming in every single day – I can only share a few with you now and then. Keep them coming though, I do LOVE hearing from you! So apart from my own quite unexpected findings, here are some testimonies YOU have sent me on FB and messaged me:


Hi Sally-Ann, I have been taking your brand of collagen for 6 weeks now, and it is an absolutely amazing product. I can actually use nail polish again, as my nails are stronger, I even feel like my hair is thicker. I also suffer from clinical depression, and noticed the last two weeks that I do not have those terrible downs - I am more positive, and just feel better. Oh, and I am so much less hungry! Thanks for all your wonderful advice and posts. Warmest regards, S


I started getting arthritis in my index fingers about two years ago. Started drinking your Sally-Ann’s Pure Hydrolysed Collagen 2 months ago and noticed this morning my fingers are normal and no pain. Also drinking your Glutamine and I am a sugar addict - and suddenly my craving for sugary drinks are gone!! I enjoy water now. CC


• My dermatologist said she cannot believe how my skin has transformed in just 6 weeks on your brand of collagen as the one she is using doesn’t seem to have the same effect. I looked and it has so many ingredients I can’t understand. Now she wants to use your brand. Thank you, thank you for my new skin. SA

• OMW Sally-Ann – my wrinkles are GOING and my skin is as soft as my 4-year old daughter’s – why didn’t I know about this sooner? And my hair and nails… wow.

• Dear Sally-Ann. I am so thrilled with your hydrolised collagen product. I am so pleased with the way my skin feels and looks. I have had “dry eczema type” elbows ALL my life and for the FIRST time , they feel smoother and look so much better! JF


I took note of one of your posts where you said your cellulite and your floaters are a thing of the past on your collagen, and blow me down – it’s happened to me too – I can hardly believe it Sally. I am so grateful, I was going to have an eye operation, now it is cancelled. DL


Into our 2nd week of taking your Collagen. I had an operation on my right toe about 2 yrs ago. No matter which shoe I wore it was still painful. Since taking your collagen I am pain free. I’ve also been suffering with painful veins in my lower left arm. No more pain. For the last couple of weeks I could not sleep on my right hand side because my shoulder would pain. I sleep like a baby now. I can see a difference in my hair too. My husband has been suffering with tight joints in his hands. Since taking your collagen it has greatly improved. I highly recommend this amazing product of yours. VP


I can testify to this product after using for a month. I had terrible pain in joint of my left big toe as result of 2 surgeries removing a ganglion. Even wearing flats was an issue, I am now PAIN FREE. My husband took daily pain meds for his lower back and knees, and is also pain free since using collagen. He has also noticed that the lines on his face has somehow softened. I can highly recommend it for this too . Thank you for introducing us to your excellent brand of collagen. CN


Thank you for your very effective brand of quality collagen. My husband has had the worst eczema for the past 20+ years. Dry and unbearably itchy skin all over. I bought your collagen in November and the transformation has been INCREDIBLE - no more eczema or scratching and his skin is magnificent, we can’t believe it. He’s tried everything for years with no success whatsoever so you’ve got us as customers for life!! I took advantage of your Black Friday special luckily.


Here are my results on your collagen – I’ve been taking it now for 7 weeks:

• New hair growth

• Stronger nails

• No more irritating cough from post nasal drip.

• Chronic constipation is history!!

• I am back on 2 meals a day as feel ‘full’ all the time.

• Energy level has spiralled

• Sleep well at night…went through long spells of insomnia.

• And after huge back op in 2013 (was born with partial spina bofida & this crashed and had a fusion….plates & screws etc) the drs put me on anti inflamatories and I have now STOPPED these. I am hooked… happy 66 year old!!!! Thank you! MI


• Thank you for a wonderful product. I’m losing weight too on it - yippee! IF

• My friend and I both use your collagen (the other brands did a big fat nothing for us) and we are both raving about them. LU

• I now sleep SO well. Sweet dreams DM

• Wow thanks for making my coffee taste so good, I also add it to coffee like you. xx

• It has helped me realize how far I have wandered from healthy eating habits and has helped me realize that I absolutely cannot deviate. My health has suffered, but I’m so much more motivated now. Thank you.

• Thank you! I must tell you, I am taking your incredible collagen with spectacular results. All the things you say about it are TRUE.

I want to reiterate that these testimonies are from the PURE HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN that people are taking from Sally Ann Creed’s (clinical nutritionist ) personal brand. In fact other brands haven’t worked for many people (including health professionals who have found this to work 10 times better on their patients and clients), so please don’t substitute for a lesser quality. You are worth the best.

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