Lime & Soap Plant 100% Natural Soap

The Victorian Garden Collection
Bath and Body / Soaps - Botanist Collection
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Invigorating and refreshing, soap plant has been used for centuries as a natural cleansing agent on the body. Lime is packed with antioxidants and revitalises the skin.

Our new botanical soap bar collection takes inspiration from this field of study and we’ve chosen our favourite herbs and plant extracts for their medicinal and cosmetic benefits on the skin. Not only good for you, they smell amazing too!

Tucked away on an organic farm in the Cape mountains, our soaps are lovingly made by hand from 100% natural ingredients. A blend of pure vegetable oils are infused with essential oils and prettily coloured and patterned with interesting natural vegetable dyes. Each bar is hand crafted according to traditional artisanal methods, the soaps are then left to dry on trays in the warm Cape winds which blow across the farm. This special method of production means each bar is unique in appearance and high in quality!