Kim Gray - Guess What I’m Stocking Up On!

Kim Gray - Guess What I’m Stocking Up On!

Original article by Kim Gray

I’m sooo loving these gems from Victorian Garden, but they’re sadly almost finished – I’m definitely going to have to stock up with more on my next visit to S.A.

1.) I love the Rose & Chamomile Toning Spritz for the airplane to keep skin hydrated, in my beach bag to cool & calm hot skin and daily as a fragrant & revitalizing wake-up spritz after cleansing.

2.) The 7 Herb Purifying Clay Cleanser has to be my favourite cleanser to date, and that’s a big claim! I love its creamy, moisturizing, clay-like texture. I love the refreshing spearmint fragrance too.

Comprised of 7 powerful oils which work in a synergy when combined together:

  • Marshmallow – boosts cellular regeneration
  • Bearberry – reduces the appearance of age spots/sun spots/blotches
  • Yarrow – balances skin’s oil production and improves skin texture & tone
  • Coltsfoot – relieves inflammation, powerful anti oxidant and skin conditioning agent. Strengthens skin elasticity. Very rich in minerals and with excellent anti aging benefits on the skin.
  • Plantain – soothes and stimulates healing and the growth of new cells. Anti-inflammatory.
  • Spearmint – high in vitamin A which strengthens skin tissue, also great for soothing and calming the skin
  • Melissa – helps tighten skin and boost circulation, with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action

3.) This powerful Anti-Wrinkle rejuvenating Night Serum is such a treat. My skin honestly feels more hydrated & plumped in the morning. I am personally a little heavy handed, as I just love the beautiful plant fragrances (Rose, neroli, lavender & geranium to name a few)  & oil on my skin – but you only need a couple drops a night, making this little bottle last longer than its size suggests.

I love that Victorian Garden products are inexpensive, natural & organic and contain no harsh chemicals. They have a huge selection of products from (another fave!) rich & creamy mango body butter to shampoos, baby products & hand & foot creams. Also available at Faithful To Nature.

Source: Kim Gray

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