Radiant Skin with our New Face Creams

Radiant Skin with our New Face Creams

Our commitment to our customers is to strive for continual improvement in our products, choosing ingredients that will give your skin the very best care that nature has to offer. This means that when we come across exciting new ingredients, we upgrade our formulas to bring you a superior product.


The past months we have been working on incorporating three new active ingredients into our face creams, here is why we love them and what they will do for your skin:

 Dry Skin Face Cream Formulas: now contain Bitter Orange extract and Maca Root for aging skin. Bitter Orange deeply hydrates the skin, increasing the production of Hyaluronic Acid by the cells for moisturising effects while Maca Root enhances skin firmness by improving cohesion between the cells. These powerful new additions help to maintain a firmer, plumper skin.

Normal/Combination Face Cream Formulas: have been boosted with the addition of the highly acclaimed "Dragon's Blood", a botanical extract shown to rejuvenate the skin to prevent the signs of aging and protect against wind, cold, dry air and pollution. Dragon's Blood regenerates the epidermis for skin renewal!

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