Getting Back to Beauty Basics: Part 1 Cleansing

Are you overwhelmed by skincare products and baffled by what to choose next, what will improve the condition of your skin, what will give you complexion perfection? We’re going to be running a series of blog posts dedicated to simplifying skincare choices and getting back to beauty basics. We will take you through how to rebalance your skin, maintain your new glow and how to protect it for the future.

The trick is to focus on what is important for your particular skin, plan a routine and be consistent with it. It’s all about balance, keeping your skin calm and working with your body’s natural mechanisms to achieve optimal results.


This is your must-do step, it is the foundation of all else that follows and can go a long way to improving your skin for the long term. Cleansing preps your complexion for every other product you use and without it your moisturiser or serum simply can’t get the job done. A good cleanser can achieve a brightened, smoother complexion, a healthy glow, better moisture retention, balanced oil production and can help delay signs of aging.

So which cleanser should you choose and how should you be using it? 

Cleansing Milk vs Foaming Face Wash

Victorian Garden Cleansing Milks are formulated to mix with the oils of your skin to whisk away dirt and make-up. These creamy cleansers are ultra gentle and won’t strip the skin at all. pH balanced and available in four varieties for the skin categories (Dry, Normal/Combination/ Oily/Problem and Sensitive), regular use of this cleanser allows your skin to re-balance and regulate sebum production suited to your skin’s needs. With Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Cocoa Butter, this type of cleanser cares for your face whilst effectively sweeping away impurities.

Our Foaming Face Washes (available in English Lavender or Rosemary & Kalahari Melon) work up a silky lather and unclog pores to remove all traces of dirt and make-up, leaving your skin squeaky clean. pH balanced and suited for all skin types, this cleanser may be used daily or less frequently along side a Cleansing Milk to deep clean and revitalise skin. These cleansers are also often the choice of those who prefer the feeling of soapy foaminess, without actually using conventional soap washes.


So how do you know which one to use? It all depends on your skin type, lifestyle and the climate you live in. Think Cleansing Milks for dry air, winter months, aging skin or gentle daily cleansing. Foaming Gel’s may be more suited to warmer weather, humid conditions, younger skins or may be beneficial for a problem skin.

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Cleansing Technique


You can enhance your natural radiance by tweaking your skin cleansing routine to include a mini-treatement massage. Just 30 seconds of facial massage while you cleanse reduces puffiness and jowliness. According to facialist Vaishaly Patel, the best method is using the pads of your fingertips, massage with firm, circular movements  to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, this also helps relieve congestion under the surface of the skin. When you reach your eyes, firmly sweep your fingers along your browbone in one continuous stroke, moving outwards and then around underneath the eye towards your nose. Repeat 2 or 3 times. This helps to drain any fluid build-up, boosts blood-flow and feeds oxygen to the eye area. Finish by massaging your forehead from the middle out towards the temples.

Use a Washcloth

Whether you choose muslin or organic cotton, washcloths assist your cleanser in gently removing pollutants, mildly exfoliating and can also help to brighten your skin by invigorating the live cells on your face. However, they do need to be wet before use and washed regularly in a washing machine on a hot wash or they can harbour bacteria. Use to wipe off your cleanser after the massage above. The technique here should not be one of vigorous scrubbing, think gentle wiping rather. You don’t have to use one every day, occasional use a couple of times a week will do the trick and means you don’t have to wash your cloth every day. You can buy good muslin cloths at


Rinse your skin with warm water and follow with a cold water splash. The cold water tightens pores and it is a revitalizing energy boost for your skin. Never use hot water on your skin, this can dry it out.

And that’s it for cleansing! It may seem like a lot of effort but as the foundation of your skincare routine we cannot say enough how important this step is, and how worthwhile the benefits are of doing this right. Your skin will love you for it!

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