Getting Back to Basics: Part 3 Exfoliating

Exfoliation is another skincare topic often debated, where some believe it is a crucial step to good looking skin, and others frowning on the harsh treatments which are said to do more damage than good to the skin.

At Victorian Garden, we believe the truth lies in 1) What you use and 2) How you use it.

  1. What is a Good Exfoliator?

The key here is the word “gentle”. We do not believe in harsh treatments to buff and dissolve top layers of skin, simply because we have seen and known so many woman who have suffered sores and redness afterwards. But we do believe that the effects of using a gentle exfoliator can really brighten, smooth, unclog pores and polish the skin. Just lightly scuffing away the dead skin cells is really effective in achieving fresher skin. Exfoliation can also enhance the effects of your moisturiser by up to four times!

So what to look for in an exfoliator?

Pick a formula which won’t drag or pull your skin, such as a cleanser or masque based scrub which is highly emollient and will help to draw out impurities. Next look for an exfoliation medium which won’t scratch or damage the skin, such as rounded particles. We use ultra fine milled pumice which very gently rolls over your skin lifting the dead cells without grinding the new layers of skin underneath.

  1. How to Use It

Follow this step-by-step routine for safe and effective exfoliation:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse skin of dirt and make-up, use warm water to soften the dead skin cells.
  2. Apply scrub in very gentle rolling movements, press and gently roll along your skin using finger tips only, avoiding scrubbing. Do this for no longer than 30 seconds.
  3. Avoid areas of broken skin and red veins, concentrate on areas where cells build up like around the nose and in the chin.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

We sell 3 exfoliators, one from each of our Collections:

  1. The Victorian Garden Collection – Apricot and Walnut Exfoliating Facial Polish
  2. The African Indigenous Collection – Chamomile and Yarrow Exfoliating Facial Polish
  3. The Royal Tudor Collection – Pomegranate & Lemon Exfoliating Facial Polish

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