Getting Back to Basics: Part 4 Face Masques

Seeing as we re-launched our ready-to-use face masques this month, it follows that we’re in “masque-mode” to shed some light on the subject in our Getting Back to Basics series. Taking time out to indulge in a soothing face masque (or face “pack” as called in the Victorian era) is one of life’s pleasures and is a fragrant treat for both your skin and mind.

So what does a face masque do? 

Even though you may be doing all the right things – as covered in previous posts in this series – life can sometimes leave your skin looking dull. This may be caused by stress, lack of sleep, cold/windy weather or a temperature-controlled office or home, and this is where face masques can really make a difference to your skin’s appearance. In short, face masques give your skin an intense dose of what it needs.

Cream Masques – are hydrating, replenishing lost moisture and nutrients for a gorgeous glowing skin.

Clay Masques – are purifying, to draw out impurities and heal the skin for firmer, clearer skin and produce a smooth, uplifting effect.

A good face masque should be balancing too, it shouldn’t strip or be harsh on the skin, nor pore-clogging. It is also worth remembering that masques give you time out to be on your own and unwind, therefore we recommend that masques contain therapeutic essential oils for aromatherapy benefits to give your mind and skin a true boost!

Please note that if you have very sensitive skin, your face masque should be tested on a small area to make sure it does not provoke a reaction.

Advice for When and How

We recommend using a face masque twice a week. A simple routine like the following is a good guide for a thorough facial treatment:

  • Gentle Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Steam face over warm water to open pores
  • Apply masque and follow pack instructions
  • Tone and apply serum or moisturiser

Note: It is not recommended for sensitive skins to exfoliate prior to using our 7 Herb Masque and the Marula & Mint Masque as the essential oils may be too much for your sensitive, exposed pores. If you have a sensitive skin and want to use one of these masques rather exfoliate on the day prior to using the masque or on another day.

Clay Powder Masques: The masque has done its job just as the clay starts to “set” and change colour, avoid leaving the masque on the skin for longer than necessary. Remove when you start to see the clay drying, but it still feels a bit sticky.

The Victorian Garden Face Masque Range – What’s Your Skin Type?

We have re-launched our ready-to-use face masques just this month and upgraded the formulas with gorgeous new ingredients for better and more noticeable performance.

What’s new about these masques?

  • Skin-loving Ingredients – more nutrients, more protection, more repair, more moisturising, more firming, more purifying, more powerful, more effective.  Including Marula Seed Oil, Mafura Butter, Seaweed Extract, Black Oat, Propolis, Blueberry, Eidelweiss and Watermelon!
  • More Noticeable Results – firmer, plumper, clearer, smoother skin.
  • New Packaging – the new masques come in 50ml tubes which are easier to use and judge quantity needed, plus a tube reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

7 Herb Firming Clay Face Masque (FM1) – All Skin Types

Our signature masque! Soothes and smoothes the skin and has a tightening, toning, healing and antiseptic effect. This masque is anti inflammatory, improves hydration, strengthens keratin layer and nourishes the skin. It also helps lipid film formation and stabilisation and helps control shine on oily/problem skin.


Lavender & Honey Hydrating Cream Face Masque (FM2) – Dry or Sensitive Skin

  • Deeply hydrates a dry, malnourished skin gently, resulting in renewed suppleness. Rejuvenates skin cells and stimulates micro-circulation.
  • Lavender – heals and relaxes the skin
  • Honey – restores softness and radiance
  • Wheatgerm – conditions and intensely moisturises

Bulgarian Rose & Apricot Hydrating Cream Face Masque (FM3) – Normal/Combination Skin

  • Hydrates and nourishes normal/combination skin to leave skin soft, toned and balanced with a healthy glow.
  • Bulgarian Rose Oil – anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator. Hydrates and reduced redness. Calming & relaxing.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – balances, nourishes and moisturises the skin.
  • Walnut Oil – high in vitamins and enhances texture and quality of skin.

Marula and Mint Firming Clay Face Masque (AI4) – All Skin Types

  • Purifies, deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin for a firmer, brighter and clearer complexion.
  • Marula – fights wrinkles, deeply hydrates, protects from free-radicals
  • Spearmint – anti-inflammatory, tightens pores, soothes and may help to reduce oily skin
  • White Grapefruit – helps to relieve congested skin


Clay Powder Masques

We also have 2 clay powder masques which require mixing at home – you can use rose water, milk, colloidal silver or even filtered water to make a paste and apply to the skin. These clay powders are the”real deal” when it comes to face masques. Old-fashioned pink-clay-lavender

Green Clay & Lavender Facial Mask


All of our masques are available to buy online Here!

Happy treating everyone!

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