Once Upon a Time all Fragrances were Natural

Once Upon a Time all Fragrances were Natural

It is an indisputable fact that perfume wearing is an indulgent pleasure, a dab of your favourite fragrance carries with it the promise of nostalgia, excitement, celebration or even romance. In the words of Green Goddesses Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley, “it makes you feel delicious!”

Historically, fragrances were derived from real plants and their distilled waters and essential oils, the Egyptians were making Lilly perfume from as early as 4th century BC! But in modern times (post 1882) synthetic ingredients started to creep into the industry and it was Chanel No 5 that really put these synthetics on the map. Nowadays, mainstream fragrances are almost entirely composed of synthetic notes derived in laboratories which mimic natural scents.

So What is the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fragrances?

A synthetic composition heightens essences and increases staying power, or as described by top American natural perfumer Mandy Aftel, “synthetically enhanced scents are loud and tenacious, leaving their trail behind; while natural oils keep themselves to themselves and mellow with the skin so that what you’re left with is the soft smell on the human body, not a tinny, chemical dry-down”.

But the real issue over synthetic scents is the safety of some of the petrochemical derived ingredients. Synthetic musks, phthalates and glycol esters for example have been shown to be endocrine disrupters which potentially wreak havoc with our hormones, and in some cases have been linked to causing damage to the reproductive organs, liver, kidneys and reducing male sperm count. Some of these are even bio-accumulative and build up over time in our bodies. And of course it’s no surprise that spritzing these fragrances lavishly is thought to be linked to asthma cases.

True to our roots, The Victorian Garden have launched a range of perfumes based on vintage formulas and using ingredients you would find in a typical English garden, this means our fragrances are free from the suspect synthetic ingredients. Our fine fragrances make a delectable impact on the senses without making an impact on the planet or your health.

Victorian Garden fragrances are:

  • Easy wearing for everyday use or to put you at ease on a special occasion
  • Composed of only organic and natural ingredients
  • Locally produced by expert perfumier, Tammy Frazer
  • Hand made using artisan methods for exceptional quality
  • Vegan friendly
  • Eau de Parfum, as opposed to Eau de Toilette, which creates a more intense, longer-lasting fragrance

Tudor Rose 30ml

The epitome of femininity, Tudor Rose Eau de Parfum is sophisticated and complex, rich and chocolaty while remaining light throughout with a hint of waxy green on the dry down.  This is a soft and classical fragrance yet will appeal to the modern woman.


Victorian Citrus

Like walking through the garden on a sunny day, The Victorian Garden Citrus Eau de Parfum is bright and happy. It is sweet and fresh while remaining soft throughout with invigorating green zest. This is a fun and energetic perfume with feminine charm.


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