Body Exfoliation - A New Skin

Do You Know All the Beauty Dividends Paid by Body Scrubs?

Fast-track your way to gleaming, younger-looking body skin with a fragrant scrub to buff away dull and dry-looking surface cells. Body scrubs promise smoother skin instantly but did you know the following benefits are also due to come your way when using this spa beauty product regularly? It pays to buff away!

  • Improves skin texture – scrub particles remove dead cells revealing velvety soft smooth skin.
  • Healthier looking skin – dead cells can appear dull and dry, when swept away the new cells appear fresh and glowing!
  • Lymphatic drainage – body scrubbing stimulates the lymphatic system helping to detoxify the body and improve immunity, a great first step when fighting cellulite.
  • Boost Microcirculation – improves skin radiance by increasing nutrient absorption and speeding up detoxification.
  • Tone skin – new skin revealed will give your skin a firmer tone.
  • Can eliminate the need for a body lotion – the oils in the scrub stay on the skin even after you’ve showered or bathed. (Pat rather than rub dry with your towel)
  • Help reduce ingrown hairs – scrubs can help unblock pores and lift new hairs coming through after shaving and waxing.

What to Look for in a Body Scrub?


Salt/Sugar vs ground mediums: Salt and sugar scrubs are best used in the bath as they dissolve, infusing the water with the oils in the formula. Ground mediums such as nut shells, olive stones and bamboo are best used in the shower otherwise you may find yourself sitting on the grit! Avoid plastic exfoliating beads which end up in the ocean and do not biodegrade.


The particles in a body scrub can be suspended in oils, butters or in a gel or wash. We believe that oils and butters offer the best medium as they sooth, nourish and protect the new skin as the dead cells are removed. They also really help keep skin moisturised.


What’s a bath product without a gorgeous fragrance? Essential oils provide fabulous scents to a scrub, to uplift the spirits and create an enjoyable feeling of luxury and pampering.

The Victorian Garden Body Scrubs

We’ve chosen to use a salt medium for our scrubs because we love that it dissolves in the bath, is cleansing and invigorating, effective in exfoliation and it won’t damage your skin. Crushed Rosehips enhance the effectiveness of our scrubs and while they won’t disappear in your bath water, they are soft enough not to notice in the water. Shea and Cocoa Butters are blended with Safflower, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils to form a nourishing carrier, all combined with essential oils to produce 4 beautiful fragrances.

English Lavender


Double Rose


Mango & Vanilla


Rosemary & Rosehip


They’re your number one body care weapon for healthy summer skin!

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