2 Step Cleansing Routine

There has been much debate regarding facial cleansing lately and this often leads to confusion! This is our opinion on the best way to wash your face for a clear complexion and healthy skin.


If you wear makeup then it is best to follow the 2-step method. Impurities blocking your pores are made up of two kinds – oil-based and water-based. If you don’t remove the oil-based dirt first, it makes it almost impossible for your cleanser to completely cleanse away the water-based types at the same time.  Step one then, is like your pre-cleanse, it helps to break down and remove oil-based dirt such as your skin’s sebum and makeup. You will need a creamy cleanser for this to dissolve the oils. The Victorian Garden has suitable creams cleanses for every skin type at just R70 each. Massage onto skin to lift and dissolve the oils and rinse with warm water.

Follow with a cleanser of your choice, it can be a cream cleanser again if you have very dry skin, or a foaming cleanser for combination to oily skins. Look out for our   7 Herb Purifying Clay Cleanserwhich hits our shelves in September for another option! We recommend using an organic face cloth to gentle cleanse the skin too. Also consider using an exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week as your step 2 cleanse, to remove dead skin cells.

No Makeup

If you are not wearing makeup then a simple one-step cleanse should be enough, although we still recommend using an organic face cloth to assist with cleansing.

In the morning, it is also important to remove traces of oils or night products from the skin before applying fresh products for the day. We recommend using a Victorian Garden cleansing milk here because it will efficiently remove impurities from the night without drying your skin.

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