Our Packaging

We have introduced safe plastic tubes and jars for some of our products as an alternative to glass.  The plastic is of high quality and does not leach industrial chemicals into the product as some soft plastics can do.  This was decided after many requests from customers who prefer the lighter tubes.

Bottles are now white instead of see-through – this is a wiser option for certain products as the natural (essential oil derived) colours and the efficacy of the product are preserved as they are not exposed to light. 

Our stance on packaging our products in cardboard boxes, albeit “recyclable” material remains the same. We are opposed to wastage and feel strongly that it is unnecessary to put cosmetics into boxes which simply end up in the rubbish bin upon purchase. Unfortunately many people do not bother to recycle and this therefore continues to contribute towards environmental pollution as well as the felling of trees to make the paper/cardboard used for the boxes initially.

Our containers are chosen specifically for their safety. We have spent a lot of time researching the best and safest packaging available but there really is not a perfect solution so we do the very best we can give the information we have gleaned. Glass is not entirely safe as of course it can be dropped and broken, it is heavy when posting (so doubles the price of the product on air freight costs) and can be smashed however carefully we pack it. Environmentally wise, glass has an extreme impact and the manufacture of glass is of concern because it requires large amounts of fossil fuels to generate the very high temperatures required to shape the glass containers. The increase in fuel oils needed to transport heavy glass packaging is another issue. Burning huge amounts of fossil fuels creates air pollution throughout the world and damages the ozone layer which protects the earth from the sun. Air pollution and ozone damage are both attributed to the increased in cancer worldwide. Therefore glass is not as “environmentally friendly” as most people believe.

We will continue to try to source completely phthalate free plastic containers but have so far not had any success, although all our plastic containers are BPA free. The plastic containers which we use for our products are the best and safest available at the current time, and where possible both plastic and glass containers are recycled by the factories manufacturing them to adhere as best we can to our firm “green” philosophy.  

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