What Can You Expect?

What can you expect when changing to a natural/organic skincare regime?

•  Always give your skin at least 4 weeks to adapt to a new skincare regime, this allows time for your skin to rebalance itself.

•  It is important to select the right products for your skintype, contact The Victorian Garden if you are unsure about which products will be right for your skin. Our inhouse experienced beauty therapist/Aromatherapist and our trained staff will be happy to help answer your concerns.


•  Some people can experience breakouts when they switch from using conventional skincare products to using only Natural/Organic products. Your skin tends to get used to what is being used on it, and so when you switch to something new, particularly if you've been using a product with synthetic ingredients, it's quite normal that you may experience some skin disturbances. Your skin is simply adjusting and going through a process of elimination as it tries to find its equilibrium. This is sometimes referred to as an "initial breakout". All you can do is wait it out and let it pass which generally it will do within a short time. Your skin has seven layers, and clogs and infections happen deep in the pore and then work their way out to the surface of your skin where you might experience a pimple – this process is known as "purging". So, if a new and healthy skin care product is purging your skin, it means that it's bringing all these deep breakouts to the surface, and when they pass, your skin should be a lot clearer.

•  Natural skincare should be used as a complete system, you will get best results when all of your skincare products are natural/organic as conventional ingredients can be counter-productive.

•  Natural skincare products will rebalance your skin, allowing it regenerate and repair itself for long term results. When used regularly as a skincare system, cells are rejuvenated to improve skin imperfections and provide a healthy glowing skin.

•  A healthy diet high in raw foods such as salads, fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of daily high quality water will also contribute tremendously towards glowing skin. 

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