Why Go Natural?

The Victorian Garden is passionate about the benefits of truly natural and organic skincare and here are some of our reasons:

•  Research has shown that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin during the course of a day and up to 60% of these are absorbed into the bloodstream – it therefore makes sense to use the purest natural and organic ingredients.

•  Using genuinely natural skincare can help to improve the health of your skin making your skin look fresher and younger and delaying the ageing process. Natural products restore the natural balance to your skin and reduce the need to use counter-products e.g. your skin will require less body lotion because natural body washes won't dry out your skin.

•  Natural and Organic skincare ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers and in an environmentally sustainable way. This means products formulated with naturally and organically derived ingredients are far better for your skin, safer for your health and kinder to the environment. Victorian Garden Skincare products are also biodegradable.

•  Natural/Organic skincare contains no harsh and toxic synthetic and chemical ingredients. Many chemically derived ingredients may irritate the skin and cause skin allergies to develop.

•  The amount of product used is reduced as natural products are not diluted by mineral oils (by-products of the petrochemical industry), and so they go a lot further.

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