Organic Certification

Currently, The Victorian Garden products are not Organically Certified although our ingredients encompass both Certified organic, and non Certified organic raw materials, and some natural ingredients which are not available organically.   

We have considered applying for Organic Certification but having researched this subject, we are persuaded that this new and burgeoning industry needs careful scrutinisation.  As an Organic Skin care Company recreating traditional Victorian recipes, we have been using “organic” ingredients for many years. 

Organic Certification has become a multimillion dollar industry worldwide and yes, at first this sounds like exciting news for those of us whose philosophy in every aspect of our lives, is to “get rid of the chemicals and embrace an organic lifestyle.”

However, having researched the subject very thoroughly over recent years, we conclude that one can obtain Organic Certification in different overseas countries very easily if prepared to pay the high costs, but that a Certified Organic ingredient within a product does not necessarily mean that it is safe to be used on the human skin, just that it was derived from organic source and grown/processed without chemicals. Certain Certified Organic ingredients will never appear on our own ingredients listing because we strongly believe they are simply not safe to be used in skin care products. 

Yet we constantly come across "Organically Certified" skin care and cosmetic companies around the world listing these ingredients on their labels and the consumer purchasing these products under the mistaken assumption that they are safe – because they are Certified Organic.  The disillusioning conclusion we have arrived at is that within the Organic Certification industry there is a considerable amount of "green washing" going on - which put bluntly, is the art of deceiving the consumer into thinking that because the ingredient is Certified Organic, it is safe to use.

Yes, it is true that it may be grown or produced without the use of chemicals in an “organic” way but does that render it safe to put onto the human skin? We don't believe so. At Victorian Garden we are extremely fussy about our ingredients. We are also passionate about animals and environmental issues and do not use any animal ingredients or test our products on animals.

Packaging and labelling is purposefully kept simple but attractive in order to keep costs down as we are anxious that our products should remain affordable to all. Highly priced Organic products mean that many South Africans cannot consider “going Organic” and therefore are forced to stay with using synthetic personal care products which could be detrimental to their health. We have worked hard since 1991 in South Africa to produce the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Finally, may I reiterate that we believe absolutely in the integrity of our suppliers in sourcing the very best raw materials which are naturally grown, extracted and are free of any chemicals or animal ingredients and most critically, are not tested on animals. 

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