Going Organic

•  We recommend that our cream and lotion products such as moisturizers, body butters and body lotions should preferably be used within three months of opening for best results. However, products used beyond that time will not be 'bad" but will probably not deliver the wonderful benefits to the skin as the ingredients begin to age after exposure to air and light. Products may be stored in a fridge if wished but it is not necessary unless you live in a very hot humid climate. Pure oil products historically have a much longer shelf life but we still recommend using within the "Use By" date which appears on the bottom of each bottle/jar.


•  Please always use clean fingers or a spatula to take your cream out of the jar to avoid introducing bacteria. Our preservative system is extremely efficient and maintains stability and safety of the products. We combine essential oils which offer natural anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti viral properties and a natural, safe and approved preservative system – our products are paraben free.

•  Be careful not to expose products to direct sunlight, bright light or heat. If you do, the waxes in the cream products may separate.

•  When changing to natural/organic products, some people may experience a "detoxification" reaction such as headaches, joint aches, slight nausea, break outs of spots on the skin, rashes etc. Although unpleasant, this is no cause for alarm; it merely means that your body is literally cleansing itself (detoxifying) from the inside out. The skin, being an eliminatory organ, is ridding your body of stored toxins in the tissues. These toxic substances are usually a build-up of residues from previous products you have used which contained petrochemical ingredients. Be patient, stay on a healthy diet, drink plenty of good quality water and allow your body to adapt and your skin to adjust to "going organic" - this process usually takes no longer than a week or two.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using The Victorian Garden products and experiencing the outstanding skin and body care benefits of these ancient recipes used during the 16th and 19th centuries which utilize all the wonderful plants that our Creator has provided for us in the natural world which surrounds us.

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