Ethos and Mission


We're very much a 21st century company. We care deeply about the environment, animal welfare, and the damage being done to our bodies and our planet by all the chemicals used in today's skincare products.

Although we are far from being a large corporate style company, we're passionate about our work, and remain committed to ensuring that we create and maintain exceptional quality products which are healthy, safe and a joy to use – and most importantly, which are affordable.


We believe in developing products which are produced with the utmost care and respect for the earth so that future generations may enjoy the benefits each ingredient offers. Choosing organically grown ingredients where possible, means we are supporting organic farming methods which nurture the soil, ensuring it will be fertile in decades to come. A healthy soil means healthy plants which equates to healthy ingredients.

We choose not to use artificially produced chemicals and additives which require increasingly scarce elements such as nitrogen for production, and all of our products are biodegradable. Our packaging is recyclable, we use safe pthelate-free plastic which has less impact on the environment than glass, is recyclable and will not leach industrial chemicals into the product thereby keeping it safe and stable. We choose to minimise fancy boxing and unnecessary use of cardboard, paper and plastics which we believe is environmentally unfriendly and adds avoidable cost to the product.

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